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Saturday, April 7, 2012

create terminal bash shortcuts

You can assign shortcuts for your most frequently used terminal commands by appending alias as many times as you did like to your bash configuration file (~/.bashrc). The syntax for alias is as follows.

alias yourCommand="YourTerminalCommand"

alias la="ls -la"
alias gs1="ssh"

Aliases shorten the amount of keystrokes necessary to throw commands.

I put my aliases in a file called ~/.aliases and then insert "source ~/.aliases" in my bash ~/.profile. That way it's easy to grab a copy of .aliases in case I'm doing command-line stuff on someone else's computer and don't want to mess with their .profile. 

I would advise that you only alias commands, that don't change your system or delete files. So don't alias "sudo" or "apt-get". When you're actually installing software, you want to do it deliberately, and you don't want the chance that a typo will actually do something that changes your system with elevated permissions.

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