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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to show / hide uvnc tray icon with registry method

UVNC release 1.1.8 november 2012.

We prefer to install uvnc as a service, disable tray icon and store the settings in registry rather than ultravnc.ini file.  The admin properties is accessed by right click on the uvnc tray icon. All the settings in the admin properties window can be edited in the registry. But for new sys-admins or support engineers who are not familiar with the registry properties prefer to edit the admin properties by the gui method. This post will help to enable/disable the tray icon by registry method.

1. Stop uvnc service
Right click taskbar > start task manager > goto services tab > Right click uvnc_service and click stop service

2. Regedit 
Open regedit by go to start > run > regedit 

3. Editing the WinVNC3

If you are  not able to locate WinVNC3 at the above path then perform a search for WinVNC3. To perform search go to edit and click find.

Right click on DisableTrayIcon and click on modify
Change the value to 1 to remove tray icon
Change the value to 0 to show tray icon

4. Start uvnc_service
Right click taskbar> start taskmanger> goto services tab> Right click uvnc_service and click start service

5. Tray icon

6. Admin properties window
Right click on the tray icon > select the admin properties

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