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Thursday, March 29, 2012

How to make syslog files readable by default on ubuntu?

We installed LogAnalyzer for easy analysis and reporting of the server.  For this syslog files must be readable by www-data. Below are the steps to make syslog readable

1. First add a new group by using this command, we call the group logadmin in this sample.
     groupadd logadmin

2. Now we add the www-data user to the new created logadmin group!
     usermod -a -G logadmin www-data

3. Verify the success by using this command:
     groups www-data

4. Now it is time to edit the /etc/logrotate.conf configuration file. Search for the default "create" command, and change it to the following:
     create 640 root logadmin
The next time logrotate will run, the logfiles will become readable to the webserver by default.

What is Log Analyzer?
The LogAnalyzer project provides an easy to use but powerful front end for searching, reviewing and analyzing network event data, including syslog, windows event log and many other event sources. It focusses on the user-interface side of this project, so the data itself needs to be gathered by another program, for example the stock syslogd, rsyslog (often the distro's default syslogd), WinSyslog or MonitorWare Agent. LogAnalyzer works equally well on Linux and Windows. It is a free, GPLed open source application written mostly in php. 

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