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Friday, April 15, 2011

How To Speed Up Torrents with Low Seeders

Here’s a ridiculously easy tip to squeeze out as many users as you can on a dead or dying torrent. It’s particularly handy when a torrent stops near the end, and/or the seed count is listed as zero. Having said that, I’ve also noticed that it helps to increase download speeds from healthy torrents, as well.

NOTE: Do not attempt this trick with private torrents - it possibly might get you banned from the tracker. Use this tip with torrents you find at Isohunt, TPB, Vertor, KickAssTorrents, etc.

How it works:
Simple. Just copy/paste the list of public trackers into your torrent’s tracker list.




Applying the trackers to uTorrent:

In particular, this is a ‘µTorrent-compatible’ list, so that’s where I’ll show the example.

Open µTorrent, and right-click on the suspiciously-slow torrent. Select "Properties…".

In the first window box, the "General" tab should be open, and there should already be a list of existing trackers (or perhaps just one). ‘Copy’ the list from above, and ‘paste’ them into the window.

You should now be left with what looks like this (see below) - be certain that there’s a blank space (line) between each tracker in the list. Click "OK" to save the changes. No need to restart uTorrent; if the torrent is already ’started’ (ie - active), it will automatically update and thus look for the new trackers.

If there are ANY public users on that torrent, you’ll be sure to find them.


• Publicly-accessible trackers come and go - some may appear down; others will time out, go temporarily offline, or outright disappear altogether. For these reasons there truly is no definitive list of working trackers at any given time. However, there are available resources you can refer to in order to stay updated, such as:

* - — Offers a current list of the top 500 most popular trackers. Note that many entries in the list are private and thus will not work in public torrents.

* - Check out the tracker list in popular new torrents — For example, at KickAssTorrents visitors can view the current list of online trackers in the torrents. To do this, simply ‘click into’ a torrent’s details page, then click the tab called ‘Locations’.

• When browsing torrents, try to use magnet links whenever possible (requires DHT=enabled). Most torrent indexers now support magnet links. After a torrent has been added, you may then manually add the list of trackers from above.

• In uTorrent, enable as many ‘connectability’ options as possible - such as DHT, UDP, Peer Exchange, Peer Discovery, Tracker Scrape and Encryption Enabled (refer to the screenshot of uTorrent 2.0.4 below).

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