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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Installing Ubuntu Hardy 8.04

I choose Ubuntu 8.04 desktop edition for Desktop / workstations. Its better than windows flavor and its free. The latest edition is ubuntu interpid 8.10, but here we use ubuntu hardy which is LTS (long term support upto 2011)
  • You can get more information on ubuntu desktop, here

System Requirements: Ubuntu is available for PC, 64-Bit PC and Intel based Mac architectures. At least 256 MB of RAM is required to run the alternate install CD (384MB of RAM is required to use the live CD based installer). Install requires at least 4 GB of disk space.

Installing ubuntu is easy.
  • Get your copy of free liveCD from here
  • Boot your machine with the liveCD
  • Check if all of your hardware is supported
  • Prebundled software package covers the basic need of office or home desktop.
  • Install ubuntu from the desktop install link
  • The installation GUI is self explanatory.
  • On complete installation boot the machine from your Hard drive.
  • update the packages from System > Administration > Update Manager
  • you are done.....
Note: You can install ubuntu on windows too.

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