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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Adding favicon to google sites

Creating Favicons

Favicons can be created based on any image, but not all images will look good as a favicon. There are a variety of tools available for creating these images, including the following free online services. From my experience, all of these services work equally well, though some have more features and capabilities than others:


Adding a Custom Favicon

The following steps are all that is required to take advantage of this new capability:

  • Navigate to the Attachment management section of your site 
  • (More Actions > Manage Site > Attachments) 
  • Click Upload 
  • Click Browse and select your favicon.ico file 
  • Your favicon file must be named "favicon.ico" The apple-touch-icon.png file is not currently compatible as a favicon for Google Sites. 
  • Choose the option to Upload attachment to / (top-level) 
  • Click Upload

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