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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How to enable control alt delete logon in win 7?

Any little piece of added security is embraced and when Microsoft did away with secured login’s via Control – Alt – Delete I needed to find another way to enable it. When you have to press that key combo now referred to as CAD you are making sure that the login window is an actual login window and not a password stealing application. Also when remotely connecting to a machine and automating tasks (as in an attack) this can add an additional  step for the hackers to overcome. Any little bit helps!
Here is what we need to do to fix the situation (found from CNet):
Go to the old Start button, now just a Windows logo. In the search box, type netplwiz and press enter or click on the result.
A pane called user accounts will appear.
Click on the Advanced tab.
At the bottom of the screen, under secure log-on, check "require users to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete"
Now when you log-in to your computer, you’ll have a rather boring pane asking for Ctrl-Alt-Del, which you’ll have to press before you can get to the log-in page.

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